CIVIL RULE CHANGES: CR 7.03, CR 45, and CR 73.02

Recent changes to the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure are to take
effect on April 1, 2009.  Thanks to David Kramer, here is a short
summary of the changes and a link to SCOKY Orders.

is an  Order of the Kentucky Supreme Court amending the Kentucky Rules
of Civil Procedure effective 4/1/09.  The amendments include the

New CR 7.03 prohibiting the filing of documents with the court clerk
containing unredacted personal data and financial information
(including SSN or TIN, DOB (except in criminal cases), and financial
account numbers).

2. Various amendments to CR 45 governing subpoenas, including:

    – requiring the issuing attorney to include his/her name, address, phone number, and email on the subpoena (CR 45.01(1));

– permitting issuance of a subpoena solely for production or inspection
of documents without testimony (CR 45.01(1)); in this event, notice,
with certification of service on the subpoena itself, must still be
given to all other parties and to any person whose information is being
requested (CR 45.01(1));

    – permitting a person served with a
subpoena for production or inspection of documents only (i.e., without
a notice of deposition) to elect not to appear in person but rather
produce the subpoenaed documents or things to the issuing attorney (CR
45.04(3)), who must then "forthwith" furnish copies to all other
parties (CR 45.03(2));
    – requiring proof of service to be filed
with the court, consisting of the server's statement showing the date
and manner of service and name of the person served (CR 45.03(1)).

    A new subpoena form is attached to the Order.

Amendments to CR 73.02 clarifying time computation for filing of a
notice of appeal when certain post-judgment motions are filed.

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