Charles T. Creech Inc. vs. Donald E. Brown, Fayette Cir. Ct.: Discretionary Review Granted Apr. 17, 2013 (2012SC000651 and 693)

Charles T. Creech Inc. vs. Donald E. Brown
playing a little catch up on MDR’s
SC Case No: 2012SC000651 & 693
Trial Court: FayetteCircuit Court

Discretionary review granted April 17,  2013

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Argued at SCOKY on Nov. 13, 2013:

Appellant’s Brief (2012-SC-651)
Appellees’ Brief (2012-SC-651)
Appellant’s Reply Brief (2012-SC-651)
Appellants’ Brief (2012-SC-693)
Appellee’s Brief (2012-SC-693)
Appellants’ Reply Brief (2012-SC-693)
Amicus Curiae Brief (2012-SC-693)

“Employment Relations. Noncompetition Agreement. Issues include whether the “blue pencil” rule was applied appropriately to add a geographical limitation to the noncompetition clause and whether continuing employment was sufficient consideration for the noncompetition agreement.”

Discretionary Review granted 4/17/2013
Fayette Circuit Court, Judge Kimberly N. Bunnell
Attorneys for Charles T. Creech, Inc.: Don Arlie Pisacano, Carroll Morris Redford III, and Elizabeth C. Woodford
Attorneys for Brown: Jon Allen Woodall, Brendan Reynolds Yates, and Ryan Colleen Daugherty
Attorneys for Standlee Hay Co., Inc.: David R. Irvin and James M. Mooney

COA Decision:

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