Gerry Spence: “Art, Life and the Law” Part Ii from the Wyoming Chronicle

Also a little on the Trial Lawyer's College

The story of the lawyer who could not lose. In part one of our interview with Gerry Spence, host Richard Ager speaks with Spence about his life and famous cases and with 50 attorneys from around the country who are enrolled in Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College located outside Dubois, Wyoming. Be prepared to be surprised by some of the teaching methods at the college.

“Find Your Passion”, A TEDx Video Talk by Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence is not just an awesomely successful trial lawyer, but a true believer in justice, the jury system, and fighting to protect the people.

Famed trial attorney and Founder of the Trial Lawyers CollegeGerry Spence, knows a little about passion. Passion for life. Passion for a cause. A “passion for fighting for the people.”

Here is a share of a video, I found today about his TEDx talk at TEDxJacksonHole. There are more talks on “passion” and other topics []; but his talk on passion addresses justice, trial lawyers, and providing a voice to the powerless in his fight for the people and representing the less fortunate against the rich and powerful.

I supply this post because Gerry is an excellent speaker even after all these years and at this age. He’s a motivation speaker on justice and trial lawyers.

I had the privilege a few years back to meet him and speak with him. I even have a picture taken with him when we were both a little younger.

But consistent with this post is a little more on the motivational side of the house at the beginning of a new year. The beginning of a new year with a host of resolutions. And an end of year when we look back and reflect. A time to look to the future and see where and what we want to be and how we wish to get there, be there, and stay there.

Every business should have a “noble purpose”. Something more than making money, but covers your passion. By passion, I am not talking about the common meanings associated with love and ardor for a person, but a less common meaning. A meaning used often but not sure exactly what it means. By the way, “noble purpose” is not my slogan. It was key to a book by Lisa Earle McLeod whose web page with more details on her books is…/noble-purpose-strategy-not-…/. BTW this is a link to her about page which summarize what I am saying. You can figure out in more detail why I feel this is a fitting post at the start of 2017.

What is your passion in life? That which is a strong enthusiasm for something or anything that means something to you. My added point to this is do you have a passion that energizes you, brings that smile, puts pep in that step? Few do…. Many want.


And as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated – “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”

This video on passion and trial warriors protecting each of us from the powerful is an eloquent and persuasive argument against voting away your right to a jury trial and the protection if afford your family and friends and others for the putative promise of saving a few pennies on your insurance premiums and a few more bucks for your doctors.

Judges: Recent Comments by Local Louisville Judge Draw Criticism

From USA Today is the following story about a local judge’s comments on a victim’s impact statement.  For the entire story, click the title below:

Judge Selfie’s’ rebuke of victims stirs racist backlash

LOUISVILLE — He’s been on the bench for nearly six years and plastered so many pictures of himself on Facebook that a colleague dubbed him “Judge Selfie.” But until he criticized the victims of an armed robbery for “fostering” the views of their 5-year-old daughter, whom they said was still scared of black men after two African Americans had held the family at gunpoint, Judge Olu Stevens was largely unknown outside the Jefferson County Judicial Center.

But now the story about that case, first reported in The Courier-Journal, has ricocheted around the world, retold in newspapers from New York to London. And it has ignited a firestorm of criticism of Stevens, some of it ugly, racist and menacing.

For the entire story go to

Other stories on-line are:

Was judge’s Facebook comment on victim-impact statement an ethics violation?
American Bar Association Journal Apr 13, 2015, 8:11 am CDT

Judge faces calls to be sacked after he accuses victims in armed robbery case of
Daily Mail – ‎Apr 14, 2015‎

Judge’s rebuke of victims stirs racist backlash
The Courier-JournalApr 17, 2015

Letters | On Judge Olu Stevens
The Courier-JournalApr 15, 2015

Stories via a Google Search.

Attorney Vanessa Cantley on Medical Review Panels

Attorney Vanessa Cantley laid out objective facts and studies opposing a proposal to create medical review panels for malpractice claims in Kentucky. She told a state government committee that the panels interfere with the right of a patient or their families to have their day in court. She provided lawmakers with data about the high toll of preventable medical errors.

Video: Irving Younger’s Classic – “Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination”


Some older folks will recall this  classic video from renown trial lawyer, teacher, and advocate, Irving Younger entitled “The Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination”.   It was a classic then, and it remains so today.

Experienced trial lawyers may disagree with the commandments as absolutes, but none will disagree with their value.

This video, together with James McElhaney’s, tapes on cross-examination are my two favorites on this topic.

I had been trying to relocate this video for years, and suddenly it pops up on one of my internet searches.   Here’s the video from the UC Hastings College of Law’s YouTube channel.  Should it evaporate, then let me know.  I saved a copy of it and can republish it on my YouTube channel if need be.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Video Tutorial on Setting Up Your Own Self-hosted WordPress Blog from

You can set up and start your own WordPress blog in 20 minutes.  This gets you up and running, and you can fine tune it later, but Michael Hyatt has an easy tutorial to getting your domain, your host site, installing the WordPress blogging software, and doing the basic set up of the blog.

If you don’t have a web site, then it will be hard for others to find you.  Phone books are going the way of the Model T, and other lawyers, business people, friends and prospective clients now “Google” you instead.

Without a web site (even if not a blog), you will be hidden from view and wondering why the phone does not ring.  You will be relying upon the kindness of others (eg., legal and business search directories which can be hard to navigate and out-dated, and few know about the Kentucky Bar Association’s lawyer locator.

Here is his the link to Michael Hyatt’s site with the video, and the video is below:

VIDEO: Judge Jeff Taylor, KY Court of Appeals (11/13/13) speaks on Kennedy Assassination

Judge Jeff Taylor with the Kentucky Court of Appeals remembers the assassination of President Kennedy in a video.  He even had newspapers to share with the audience.

All of us who were alive an out of diapers back on that fateful day can remember the details vividly, 50  years later.  Me?  Well, I was in the basement cafeteria of the old Central Grade School, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, waiting for our band instructor, Mr. Brunicardi, to stop by and teach me and others.  We had no sound system for announcements when the Principal Ms. Burdette came down, almost tears in her eyes (which scared the crap out of us because she was one tough old bird), and told us the tragic news, dismissing class.  In West Virginia, we all revered the President, even those as  young as I.  Yes.  We all remembered that day.  A date that marked the end of the Fifties; and just a few months later, Cassius Clay’s defeat of Sonny Liston marked the beginning of the tumultuous Sixties when our nation’s innocence bloomed forth and then died in the rice paddies of Viet Nam.  One remembers the tragedy of a good thing dying, but not always its birth.


New Tech Idea for Blog – Youtube and Vimeo for Oral Argument Recordings

youtubePlease take a look at the top right hand column, and you will see one of the “old” Supreme Court argument videos I had obtained (capture during live arguments) from the Supreme Court web site.

I had posted these earlier using my paid “LibSyn” media account which I intend to use for podcasting and was going to use for these and other videos. However, these videos are large and will take up substantial band width.

Well, I have two plan “B”s to do this. YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube is “free” and for the limited use I have now, I can post larger videos (longer than fifteen minutes). Hoorah!

vimeoI can also do the same with Vimeo but there is a price, but not much (eg. $69 per year).

My next step is to request in writing copies of the recorded oral arguments from the Supreme Court, and maybe even the Court of Appeals.

Of course, now that I have shown the way, maybe the AOC will do both “live” and “recorded” videos!