CA6 (Entertainment Ordinance): Cam I, Inc. v. Louisville/Jefferson (WD Ky 8/18/2006)

Cam I, Inc. v. Louisville/Jefferson
Western District of Kentucky at Louisville
Entertainment Ordinances

06a0304p.06 8/18/2006

CLAY, Circuit Judge. Plaintiffs, Cam I, Inc. and Blue Sky Video, Inc., (“Plaintiffs”) appeal the district court’s November 17, 2003 order, denying Plaintiffs’ motion to alter, amend, or vacate the district court’s July 18, 2003 order. The district court’s July 18, 2003 order modified a March 21, 2003 preliminary injunction, which had enjoined Defendant, Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, from enforcing an adult entertainment ordinance in its entirety. The July 18, 2003 modification severed the ordinance’s licensing provisions from the remainder of the ordinance, thereby permitting Defendant to enforce the zoning and construction provisions of the ordinance. Because severance was proper, we AFFIRM the order of the district court.

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