BLOG UPDATE: Recent posts are dated

As you noted, I am currently behind on the posts.

The good news is that the Minutes, Argument Calendars, and Monthly Summaries are and have been current.

The bad news is the individual cases that have been published in those monthly summaries has been spotty.

The good news is that all the COA published decisions as contained in the monthly summaries have been posted individually and organized by topics of "COA Decisions 2009" and the subject matter of the decision.

The bad news is that I am only up to the end of February for SCOKY.  I promise to catch these up before I hit my 56th birthday!  (psst…. you will have to trust me on the date).

I have been a little spotty on the discretionary review grants (leaning towards the image from the minutes rather than the actual post of html text).

Now that I have confessed my sins and transgressions, I ask not for forgiveness but suggestions on how to improve this blog. 

Please feel free to post constructive criticism and ideas (in good taste and within PG-13 guidelines).

And please let me know if the short openings listed on the minutes with links to the pubished decisions only in our postings to the minutes is helpful.  I usually get the minutes out within days, and thought the short note from the court's first paragraph would be useful as we/you/I wait for the monthly summaries.

Thanks to all.

Michael L. Stevens

You can email me at this blawg by clicking on the link at the top of the left-hand column.