Blog Update: I’m NOT behind! Just waitin’ for the AOC. Whither they post it; I will follow.

  There are five major areas that I blog on:

  1. Minutes (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals)
  2. Monthly Summaries of Published Decisions (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals)
  3. Argument Calendars (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals)
  4. Discretionary Review (Supreme Court only)

I am caught up on the minutes with June the last from the Supreme Court, and just last week for the Court of Appeals.

The monthly summaries are also current.  However, the last post monthly summaries for the Court of Appeals is Feb 2013 and the Supreme Court is April 2013 – I am current on both.

The argument calendar:  No arguments for Supreme Court for July; and Court of Appeals for July is posted.

Discretionary reviews:  I publish those when the SCOKY minutes are published and they are current through June 2013.  BTW.  I hope you enjoy the new format which includes the COA decision link (to PDF);  the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court case information.  I have not started updating the post for the published decision.

Attorney disciplinary matters:  I post these when the Supreme Court posts its summaries.

And, there you have the method to the madness. Lot of this is automatic and follows the AOC lead.

I post my own commentary to torts, insurance, civil procedure decisions; news articles; and selected cases for my “Cause of Action” and “Tort/Negligence” topics.

Now my “Tort Report” is running slow, and when I have the May COAKY decisions posted (May 31), then I will simply do a quick post of the tort, insurance, civil pro cases on a monthly basis.  I guess I am behind.  Go figure.


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One thought on “Blog Update: I’m NOT behind! Just waitin’ for the AOC. Whither they post it; I will follow.

  1. I have long appreciated your efforts on behalf of the bar. My question is this — are you still doing the one paragraph summaries for notable appellate decisions? For other decisions — including unpublished decisions — are you still at least noting the issues at play — i.e.; insurance law, premises liability. I usually could pick-up on what I needed by just reading your emails, but now I no longer can. Am I missing this information somewhere? Again, thanks for all your work.

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