Bankruptcy Decision (6th Cir.): In re: Johnson (6th. Cir. 12/21/2007)

In re: Johnson  – U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Pikeville
2007/12/21 07b0014p.06

MARCIA PHILLIPS PARSONS, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Judge. In this pre-BAPCPA preference action, the trustee appeals the bankruptcy court’s ruling that the lien on the debtor’s motor vehicle was protected from avoidance by the enabling loan exception, which excepts from avoidance certain security interests perfected within 20 days of the debtor’s possession of the collateral. Although the security interest in this case was not actually perfected until it was noted on the vehicle’s certificate of title a month after the debtor obtained possession, the court concluded that the security interest was deemed perfected under Kentucky law when the creditor tendered the appropriate documents and fees to the county clerk, an act which occurred 14 days after possession. Because the majority of the Panel concludes that perfection as defined by the Supreme Court in Fidelity Financial Services, Inc. v. Fink, 522 U.S. 211, 216, 118 S. Ct. 651 (1998), occurred more than 20 days after the debtor obtained possession, the bankruptcy court’s decision is reversed.

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