August 2007 SCOKY Grants of Discretionary Review from

Thanks to Trevor Wells at SCOKYBlog for his digest and links to August 2007 Discretionary Review Grants posted at his site.

However, more was posted than just the grants but an eloquent rendition of one young lawyer’s experiences with Justice William McAnulty. 

Too often in this world we forget that the person in the news is not just the single dimensional figure portrayed by the media, and in many ways they are no different than you or me – having a personable side, a side that interacts with those near and close to them, leaving a profound effect on all whom they touch. 

Justice McAnulty gave those of us who were not close to him a glimpse into the quality of his character and his humor when he came forth in the Courier Journal disclosing his illness and assuming all responsibility.

Mr. Wells shared with us another facet that only those who came within the Justice’s orbit would typically have known.

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