Attorney Sidebar: Using on-line medical videos to learn about injuries. Here are some tips and uses.

Surgery videos. A new on-line teaching tool to understand what your client went through, whether the result of trauma or degenerative disease or congenital

Here is a sample illustration of a lumbar (L5-S1) video that shows the steps. Might be for learning purposes for patient and lawyer, but there may be sources out there that can prepare specific videos for demonstrative evidence.  Click here for the video.

I believe we are well past the point in time for a need to convince jurors, insurance adjusters and insurance counsel of the seriousness of the medical procedures. Medical terms have a tendency to enter a world of objectivity and sterility and downplay the consequences.

Case on point with “bilateral humeral fractures” or “bilateral ulna or tibia fractures” may be how the doctors describe it, but “Joe” on the street knows broken arms and the resultant loss of taking baths, combing hair, getting dressed, sleeping comfortably, washing their face, eating, scratching, going to the bathroom. Now that’s gotta be pain and suffering. And add to the pain and suffering and emotional trauma of dependency (and health and disability insurance limitations paying for needed accommodations) on others to meet your basic needs during the recovery and maybe even beyond.

A loss of dignity and a change in your quality of live in many of these functions can last a week, months or even a life time.

And to set the stage for seriousness of the rehabilitation and altered lifestyle may be best laid with not only the foundatins of the trauma from the collision (vehicular damage, injury photos, xrays of broken bones, etc.) but also the surgical process and family and friends and therapists describing the hell you are going through, either for a while or the rest of your life.

I digress a little but not that much. Here is the illustrative video for back surgery.

I am going to put in a teaching video from from one of the surgical instrumentation companies for a touch of realism to allow injury lawyers and insurance adjusters and lawyers to understand what has happened and may be to “know know”.

Be sure to find the video that most closely matches up to the procedure you wish to learn about. For example, here is a link to Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Sythes Institute.  Goto:

And for a little realism then click here: