A. Ky. Bar Assn. v. William A. Nisbet, III
2008-SC-000929-KB April 23, 2009
The Supreme Court adopts KBA’s recommendation to suspend attorney from practice of law for five years. In 2006, the attorney entered an Alford plea to charges of cocaine trafficking and participating in a criminal syndicate.

B. Ky. Bar Assn. v. John Grant Cook
2008-SC-000937-KB April 23, 2009
The Supreme Court approves two-year suspension from the practice of law conditionally probated for two years. The attorney had been charged with not communicating with or acting on behalf of two clients. In mitigation, the attorney established he was suffering from severe depression at the time the violation occurred.

C. Rebecca Frazier v. Ky. Bar Assn.
2008-SC-000953-KB April 23, 2009
Supreme Court reinstated attorney to membership in the KBA. Attorney had been previously suspended for nonpayment of bar dues.

D. Ky. Bar Assn. v. R. Allen McCartney
2009-SC-000016-KB April 23, 2009
Supreme Court entered order permanently disbarring attorney from the practice of law. Attorney was found guilty by KBA Board of Governors of multiple violations arising from three separate disciplinary files. In all three cases, the attorney was found to have refused to return unearned fees or otherwise communicate with his clients. The attorney abandoned his office without informing his clients and did not participate in the disciplinary proceedings against him.

E. Travis O. Myles v. Ky. Bar Assn.
2009-SC-000139-KB April 23, 2009
Supreme Court granted attorney’s motion for 181-day suspension with 30 days to serve and the remainder probated for five years. The suspension was the result of four different disciplinary files against the attorney. Two of these files concerned civil cases in which the attorney did not perform services for clients as agreed, another involved a client proceeds check that returned unpaid due to insufficient funds. The final case concerned funds owed to the widow of the attorney’s law partner—the Court also ordered that the attorney pay her $53,220.31 plus interest.

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