Attorney and Judicial Discipline – May 2011

ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE from SCOKY Minutes for May2011

A. Kentucky Bar Association v. Ronald Dean Harris

2011-SC-000123-KB May 19, 2011

The KBA Inquiry Commission charged Respondent with failure to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in his representation of a client, failure to maintain reasonable communication with said client, and with failure to respond to a bar complaint.  The Court adopted the recommendation of the Board of Governors and ordered that the Respondent be suspended for a period of no less than 181 days.


2011-SC-000148-KB May 19, 2011

Opinion and Order. All sitting; all concur. Supreme Court adopted KBA’s recommendation to publicly reprimand Lutes for ethical violations including lack of diligence in client representation and mishandling of client funds.

C. Leonard K. Nave v. Kentucky Bar Association

2011-SC-000204-KB May 19, 2011

Leonard K. Nave petitioned the Court to impose a five-year suspension from the practice of law for his violation of SCR 3.130 – 8.3(c). The Court found the five year term of suspension to be appropriate, and imposed it. At the end of the five year period, Petitioner may re-apply for admission to the Bar.

D. Benjamin Clay Johnson v. Kentucky Bar Association

2001-SC-00211-KB May 19, 2011

Benjamin Clay Johnson petitioned to be reinstated to the bar following his suspension for non-payment of bar dues. Petitioner completed an Application of Restoration, completed sufficient CLE hours, and paid past bar dues. Three bar members in good standing supplied affidavits supporting Petitioner’s restoration. The Board of Governors voted unanimously to restore Petitioner to bar membership, and the Court adopted their recommendation.

E. Leslie Gail Bridges v. Kentucky Bar Association

2011-SC-000214-KB May 19, 2011

Leslie Gail Bridges made a motion before the Court to impose a two-year suspension upon herself to resolve the charges in KBA File 13168. These charges stem from her violations of SCR-3.130- 8.4(c), SCR 3.130-3.3(a)(1), and SCR 3.130-5.5(a) during her tenure as Assistant U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. The KBA did not oppose the Motion, and the two-year suspension was granted by the Court.