Attorney and Judicial Discipline – April 2011


Kentucky Bar Association v. Delia Tarpinian

2010-SC-000180-KB                                       April 21, 2011

Opinion and Order imposing $5,000.00 fine for contempt of Supreme Court.  All sitting; all concur.  The Respondent was alleged to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by operating a legal document service.  Following a warning letter from the Kentucky Bar Association and the continued operation of Respondent's business, the Supreme Court issued a show cause order, directing that the Respondent show cause why she should not be held in contempt for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. The Respondent denied the allegations, and the matter was referred to a Special Commissioner. The Special Commissioner found that the Respondent prepared and drafted pleadings, motions, orders and other documents in nine uncontested divorce cases and one other domestic case; completed a child support worksheet and calculated child support obligations; and prepared a contract and bond for deed, which was filed and recorded.  The Special Commissioner found that the Respondent knew these documents were intended by her customers to achieve or further objectives impacting their legal rights, and that she was paid money for drafting these documents. The Supreme Court concluded that the Respondent had engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, and imposed a $5,000.00 fine for contempt

Inquiry Commission v. Jimmie Green Orr, Jr.

2011-SC-000010-KB                                                   April 21, 2011

Opinion of the Court.  All sitting; all concur.   Court orders temporary suspension of attorney until subsequent order of the court and restricted from dealing with client funds held in any escrow account.

Kentucky Bar Association v. William David Rye

2011-SC-000057-KB                                                   April 21, 2011

Opinion of the Court; Justice Cunningham not sitting.  Supreme Court adopted Trial Commissioner's recommendation to publicly reprimand Respondent for the commission of certain ethical violations.

 Kentucky Bar Association v. Michael R. McMahon

2011-SC-000105-KB                                                   April 21, 2011

Opinion of the Court.  All sitting; all concur.   Court unanimously adopted the recommendation of the KBA to suspend attorney for 181 days, probated for 2 years for violation of SCR 3.130-1.3 and SCR 3.120-1.8(e).

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