AOC Redesigns Web Site – Breaks a Bunch of My Links

Well, the AOC went and did it to me.

They redesigned their web site within the context of the domain.

The result for them is a new, but not necessarily more easily navigable web site.

The result for me is a bunch of my links are now broken.

Go figure.

However, the good news is that some links remain valid and unaffected, such as links to some of individual PDF pages of both SC and COA for individual decisions, monthly minutes, monthly argument calendars.  However, my links to “html” pages are now replaced by new pages names for “active server pages” or .aspx.  Ouch.

Change will push me back on some links.  I may leave these unchanged since they are not using redirect pages from the old to the new (which is what most web designers would do to avoid the web becoming a spider web and destroying some very useful and beneficial connections).

I was hoping the discretionary review page would have been converted from a non-linking PDF to a tabular/spreadsheet form (or similar formatted table) with the case information and links to the COA case info, the SC case info, the underlying COA decision, etc.

Oh, well. C’est la vie.